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Site Management

Site management

Need multiple sites? In multiple languages? On multiple devices? With multi-level navigation? No problem.

Whether you're managing a single website or a multilingual, multi-channel community of web sites, Easysite is as simple or complex as you need.
Create sites optimised for difference devices, share content between them or run all sites independently.  One CMS, infinite possibilities.
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Multiple sites and micro sites

You can create as many micro sites as you need within a single domain, each with their own design and branding, but sharing the core CMS services. Or run multiple sites on multiple domains, managed by the same CMS but with their own settings, users & groups etc.

More about managing multiple sites and micro sites...

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Multiple sites
You can manage all of your sites with Easysite
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User management

Multiple users and groups

Decide who can create, edit, approve and manage content within your sites. Easysite's user and group management system gives you granular control of the publishing process.

Lock privileges to specific areas or content types and create extranets with ease with permission based access controls.

Control user access via your CRM or MRM system by plugging in an Authentication Connector.

More about user and group management...

Multi-lingual content management

Easysite's Localisation Engine powers global site creation with a unique central content repository system. Your ‘global’ content can be managed centrally and dispersed to any number of localised sites, in any language.

More about multi-lingual content management...

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Multi-lingual content management
Manage your content across multiple languages and locales with Easysite CMS
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Manage your Mobile Web

With mobile web traffic growing exponentially, Easysite is ideally suited to manage all of your online channels. Optimise your site for mobile devices or create mobile specific sites, or both!

Create content once and publish across multiple sites with Easysite Cross Site Publishing. It's as simple as that.

More about managing mobile content...

Make your sites easy to navigate

Easysite will automatically update your navigation menus for you and supports all forms of navigation. So whether you want drop-down menus, footer links, side-navigation or breadcrumb trails, we have solutions for you.

Update and relocate your pages and your navigation will instantly reflect your new site structure.

More about Easysite's navigation tools...

Easysite CMS Navigation module
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