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Search, Tag & Syndicate

Search, Tag & Syndicate

Powerful searching, flexible tagging, unlimited syndicate.

Put the context into your content and discover new ways for your content to be found, be heard and be understood.
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Syndication... Really Simply

Creating RSS feeds with Easysite is really simple, with a point and click Feed Builder you can create, manage and maintain Feeds of your latest content, news, events, database entries...if it can be stored in Easysite you can syndicate it as RSS. Take any of your Feeds and mash them up into a single feed, even take feeds from other sources and mash them with your own, make your site the compelling authority in your sector, all with point-and-click simplicity.

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RSS feeds
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Meta data
Manage all of your meta tags and update them in context and in line.

Meta data management made simple

Meta data needn't be complicated. With Easysite you can make the whole process of collecting and using Meta data a breeze. 

Let Easysite automatically complete tags for you such as key dates, author names, keywords and descriptions; or prompt the authors and editors, make the whole process friendly with help text, pre filled options and more.

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A Search Engine that works for you and your customers

No need to put a separate search engine on your site - Easysite has one built-in! The Easysite Search Engine gives you full control over which content is indexed and how results should be displayed. Use site-wide or section-wide or across all of your sites together.

More about Easysite's Search Engine...

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Easysite has a powerful serach engine that you can even fine tune to ensure your visitors get the best results
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Tag your content with Easysites taxnomy manager
Put content into context with Easysite Category Manager

Put your content into context with Taxonomy & Tagging

Easysite’s Metadata, Taxonomy & Categorisation Manager lets you define an unlimited hierarchy of categories that you can then associate with content on your site. Of course, there’s no limit to the depth of your categories; and content can belong to as many categories as required.

More about Easysite's Taxonomy & Category engine

Get found... Search Engine Optimisation at every step

Easysite actively promotes best practice content creation with a host of tools for preparing content for search engines as well as for your customers.

More about Search Engine Optimisation...

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Search Engine Optimisation
A built-in SEO advisor to assist you with optimising your content for your target keywords and phrases.
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