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Make it Social - Keep it Personal

Membership & Social

Build social communities and manage your membership online.

Easysite will help make your sites more social, promote the value of your membership and provide interactive content and features that will keep your members coming back for more.
Membership and social

Extendable User Profiles

You can customise user profiles within Easysite so that they capture all membership information you need. Extend it further with Easysite Membership Management and add control of whole organisations and more.

With a single member profile your site visitors can sign up for all of your interactive features such as comments, blogs, forums and extend further with apps from the Easysite Module Store

More about Extendable User Profiles...

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Membership - User Profile
Extend your user profiles to capture everything you need to know about your members
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Membership - Multi-level
Manage different levels of membership to maximise revenue

Multi-level membership, managed

Want to manage multiple levels of membership? Easysite can more than handle it. Create as many membership groups as you need and let visitors sign up for the level they require.

Grant access permissions for members viewing your content, right down to individual page level.

Plug-in the Easysite eShop module and automate the entire payment process too.

More about Multi-level membership management...

Messaging and collaboration

Communicate directly and securely with your membership via Easysite's Message Centre. Send messages to individuals, groups or even your entire community.

Add the Message Centre into your site and your visitors can communicate with you and with each other.

More about messaging and collaboration...

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Membership - Messaging
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Create social templates for user generated content with Easysite Content Management System

Crowd-source content with social pages

With Easysite Buildsocial it's easy to create social spaces and content from your community.

Create social fundraising areas  or simple wiki's your members can create and update on your site through simple form wizards -without ever seeing the CMS.

More about social content creation...

Get Blogging!

The Easysite Blogging module provides you with an easy way to add blogs to your site. Control where blogs are created and who can create them, or combine with Easysite Buildsocial and provide an entire blogging platform to your visitors and membership.

More about Blogging with Easysite...

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Discussion forum

Get the Discussion going

Add threaded discussions to your site with Forums module, included as standard with Easysite CMS.

Create public, private, moderated or unmoderated forums with ease and get the discussion going with customers, visitors or membership.

More about Forums...

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