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Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

All of your media, managed securely...

Documents, video, links, audio, images - all can be stored and managed within Easysite's database. Meaning you can secure your valuable digital assets so that only authorised visitors can access them.
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Rock solid secure media repository

No FTP, no messing around with file structures, no duplicate images and documents... Just all of your digital content stored, managed and maintained within Easysite's CMS. We think it is the best digital asset manager you will find in a web content management system.

As all assets are managed in the database, Easysite will tell you exactly where on your site each is being used and who has downloaded them.

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Easysite CMS has an integrated Digital Asset Manager
All of your digital media in one secure database
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Manipulate your images within the CMS

Images managed & manipulated

With Easysite you only need to upload an image once and it will be available automatically in all of your preferred dimensions, re-sized & re-sampled and ready for the web.

With a suite of image editing features you can manipulate your images directly through the CMS.

More about image management & manipulation...

Video, wherever, whenever, however

Adding video to your sites couldn't be simpler.  Just upload your video straight into Easysite's Asset Manager or stream direct from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing sites.

However you decide, all of the details are stored with the Asset Manager, giving you control over how and where they can be used.

More about adding video to your content...

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Inline video
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No messy file systems, documents are stored in a central database
No messy file systems, documents are stored in a central database

Document's stored, versioned and secured

Easysite's Asset Manager is more than an image library, it's got most of the features you would only expect to find in a Document Management system too. Every asset is stored, versioned, secured, tagged and edited centrally and added to your content. 

Making entire libraries available to your visitors on a web page is as simple as drag and drop.

More about document management and asset libraries...

Manage your document lifecycle

Keep in control of your assets and manage their entire lifecycle with Easysite. With Retention & Review policies you can ensure your valuable assets are automatically sent to the right people for review and retained on your sites for the right amount of time.

More about asset lifecycle management...

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Easysite lets you manage your review schedules
Easysite lets you manage your review schedules
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Add code and widgets securely in your content
Store widgets and codes centrally and control their use across your sites

Links, Code, Scripts , Widgets - your entire digital universe

It's not all just for images & documents... With Easysite you can manage your entire digital universe in one place.

Store links to external sites as an Asset and Easysite will check them regularly to ensure they still work.

Store third party code, scripts & widgets as Assets and add them to content with drag and drop ease.

More about widgets, scripts & link assets... 

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