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One CMS, multiple sites, infinite possibilities

Development & Design

Rich API and standards based design

An Easysite website comes ready to build straight out of the box, with no essential programming needed. BUT if you want to start afresh, strip it back and get your hands really dirty, then we've got the API's for you!

Making Easysite is the ideal .NET CMS for designers and developers.

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Choose your doctype - XHTML or HTML5

Deliver content in HTML5 or XHTML (1.0 or 1.1), it's entirely up to you! Easysite creates well crafted W3C compliant code, so you don't have to.


Expand your horizons, APIs you can work with.

You can build your applications using the Easysite API SDK in Visual Studio 2010. Easysite is a .NET 4.0 C# application using Web Forms and also MVC. You’ll also have access to JQuery for your applications and can include other frameworks of your choice.

More about Easysite APIs & SDK...

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Data Exchange
With Easysite Data Exchange you can import and export content and data into and out of your sites.

Connect your world - extract, transform & load with Easysite Data Exchange

Data Exchange hosts all your data centric Easysite Connectors. These allow data to flow securely between Easysite and other adjacent systems. It provides a straight-forward point and click interface for configuration, data sources and targets, as well as scheduling.

More about ETL with Easysite DataExchange...

Back Office & CRM Integration

Connect your web sites with your back office system with Easysite Authentication Connectors, compatible with all leading CRM and MRM systems.

More about integration with your back office...

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Authentication Connectors
Connect your website with your back office with Easysite Authentication Connectors and bring your online and offline worlds together.
Easysite Module store - add more features to your site in seconds

Need to do more? Plug-in a module

Add more functionality to your sites with Easysite Modules. Discover more about our Modular Architecture. Our Module Store has scores of apps that will help your site do more.

Go to the Easysite Module Store...

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