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Content Management

Total control of how content is created, published, reviewed, archived, controlled, managed and maintained.

Control your content through its lifecycle and create a workflow that work for you. Because it's better to be safe than sorry and because sometimes things don't always go to plan - Easysite has you and your sites covered.
Content Management

Versioning for all updates

With a version control system that stores every content change, a 'red-lining' visual change tracker, you'll instantly see how page versions differ, and with one click restore, you can roll-back to a previous version on-demand.

More about version control and change tracking...

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Versioning - Version Control
You can rollback to previous versions of your content and even compare differences between past versions and live content with change tracking highlighting
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Use workflow to ensure content is checked and approved by the right teams before appearing on your live site

 Workflows that work for you

With Easysite's workflow manager you can create approval workflows that ensure the right people within your organisation monitor and manage content as it is created, and see it in context within your sites, prior to publishing.

Add comments and feedback as you approve or reject content, ensuring that your authors produce consistent web pages that communicate your message.

More about managing approval workflows...

Your Content - in the right place, at the right time

Never again will your sites be littered with out-of-date content. With Easysite you can fully control where and when pages are published and removed and automate the relocation process for easy archiving. News publishers can also maximise the value of their articles with automated 'Go Premium' dates - putting valuable content behind their paywall after a desired period.

More about publication controls and lifecycle...
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Automate publication dates and times
Choose when content goes live, expires, moves and even becomes 'premium' with Easysites content lifecycle management
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link management

Link it all together...effortlessly

Easysite keeps control of your links automatically, add, update and remove pages and all links will be updated instantly.

Store links to external web sites in Easysite's Digital Asset Manager for central control, the system even checks for dead links and reports back to you if it finds any.

More about link management...

Check-in & Check-out

Prevent simultaneous updates to the same page or asset with Easysite's record locking feature.

When you are ready to publish simply submit it into workflow or cancel your draft and the content is checked-in to the system.

More about record locking and check-in, check-out...

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Record locking - check in and check out to prevent simultaneous edits
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Audit trail and reports
Keep track of your content, Easysite date and timestamps every users work as it happens

Audit & reports to ensure your sites run smoothly

Keep in touch with what's happening across your sites with reports and audit trails -right down to individual page levels. See who has accessed, viewed, edited, approved and updated content.  Ensure work is managed smoothly and make informed decisions on how to improve your sites.

More about audit and reports...
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