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Content Authoring

Content Authoring

Imagine being able to create, update and edit all of your online content inline, in context and in real time.

It's one thing to build a website, but to build a website that will last requires updating and improving your content.
Easysite recognises this and makes content creation as non-technical as possible. You can even create your own layouts with the drag and drop template builder... no developer required.
Content Authoring

In-line editing

No complex forms to complete, just true WYSIWYG in-line content editing.

Authors, editors and administrators can navigate the website as normal then simply flip into edit mode and update content in context, turning your entire site into an online word processor.

Updates can be published immediately, or submitted to the relevant workflow - all managed within Easysite.

More about inline, in-context editing...


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Easysite Web Content Management System gives you true inline and in context content authoring
Image: Easysite Web Content Management System gives you true inline and in context content authoring
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Template Builder
Image: Drag and Drop template builder lets you create page wireframes that you can use across your sites...with no coding

Drag and Drop Page Layout Builder

Build as many templates as you need and control not just their layout, but the features, interactions and business rules that your content requires.

Give your layouts structure with panels, tabs, sliders, columns and more, then add editable content areas, features, modules and the interactions required.

More about drag and drop template building...

Friendly, meaningful URLs help SEO & customers

Easysite automatically replaces the dynamically generated URL for any given page with a meaningful URL that you choose. Dynamic page URLs are difficult for search engines to spider and many will not spider them at all. By choosing suitable keywords for the meaningful URL your site will be much easier to find.

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Meaningful URLs
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Content Sharing
Share and re-use content across your sites

Share and re-use content across sites and channels

With more and more browsers using mobile phones and tablets take control of your communications with Easysite. You can publish content instantly across all sites, so you can be sure your content is available where its needed - on your website, mobile sites, extranets and portals.

More about sharing and re-usability...

Check spelling, readability, SEO and accessibility...

Checking your content to ensure its success couldn't be simpler. Easysite advises to help make your content more meaningful to visitors and search engines.

Ensure accessibility, readability and optimise pages for their relevant search terms, be found and be heard.

More about spelling, readability, SEO & accessibility checking...

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Accessibility, readability and SEO checking
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