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Web CMS for Not for Profits

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Grow your membership and increase fund raising, it's time to take your organisation to the next level.

Easysite Not for Profit Edition enables Charity and Membership organisations to communicate effectively with their users, members, staff and stakeholders. With Easysite you can promote your services, events, take donations and increase your membership.

Charity sector Easysite content management system clients

With over 12 years of providing extensive online solutions, Easysite can provide you with as little or as much as you need. From our software to a full end-to-end solution from our affiliate partners including: website strategy, bespoke development, information architecture, design consultancy, hosting and maintenance, all underpinned by our proven project management methodology. As our technology is tried and tested, your web project can be rolled out in weeks not months.

5 reasons why Easysite is the right choice for Not for Profits

Easysite enables you to take donations via your own website without the need for a third party provider. Meaning every penny of the donation goes directly to you. Our social fund raising system also includes a web page generator, which lets visitors to your site create their very own pages. Giving your fund raisers a platform to promote their fund raising activities, take donations, tell their story, generate support and dedicate their efforts “in memory” or “in celebration” of a loved one.

National Association of Headteachers

Would you like to be able to let your members customise their experience of your website? So every time they arrive on your site they’re presented with a personalised version of it? Easysite lets you do just that. Buildportal enables visitors to drag, drop and rearrange elements of your homepage, to prioritise the parts that are most important to them. With Easysite Buildportal you control what content is available to your visitors and they control how they want it presented to them.

Dimensions Home Page

Easysite Integrates seamlessly with most ‘back end’ office systems meaning you don’t have to convert existing records into a new format and you can capture new information and update the relevant records immediately. Fresh data can now stream from your Web CMS directly to your office CRM.

Easysite enables you to designate individual pages, or entire sections of your website as membership only/private, requiring visitors to be signed in and approved members before they are granted access. You can also set the level of access to each member. So for example gold members would receive full access, silver members only partial access while bronze members are restricted to the most public areas. Ideal for membership organisations which provide services for different tiers of membership.

UK Athletics

Easysite is an evolving Web CMS. It is tirelessly tested, tried and developed further to ensure it’s always up to date with the ever changing online environment. Let Easysite be the central hub that brings all your social media channels to one place. Display your Twitter feeds, Facebook updates and your YouTube content. You can also create RSS feeds so visitors can be automatically sent all your latest blog posts, news articles or any new content you post to your site.

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