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Instant publication and smooth syndication. Fast-paced multi-channel news sites just got easier.

Easysite Publishing Edition empowers you to communicate with readers, staff and stakeholders, whilst promoting your publications, products and services. Whilst Easysite’s powerful advertising and marketing campaign modules provide you with the tools to increase revenue and target customers effectively.

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With over 12 years of providing extensive online solutions, Easysite can provide you with as little or as much as you need. From our software to a full end-to-end solution from our affiliate partners including: website strategy, bespoke development, information architecture, design consultancy, hosting and maintenance, all underpinned by our proven project management methodology. As our technology is tried and tested, your web project can be rolled out in weeks not months.

Easysite is helping Publishing organisations embrace new online opportunities, cutting costs, saving resources and delivering real value for your readerships.

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Web Content Management for News Publishing

5 reasons why Easysite is the right choice for News Publishing sites...

FM World

Publish news and editorial content across multiple sites and devices

In the office, at home, in your pocket, on the couch, in your bag… the internet is now consumed anywhere.

Supply Management

Multi-category RSS feeds and mash-ups

Easysite enables you to syndicate any content from your website. News stories, business articles, Technology, Sport, Blogs, Whitepapers etc. Categorise your content and create RSS feeds for your information to be sent directly to your customers desktops, mobile devices or even re-published on their websites. Be the central hub of information and the ‘go-to’ authority in your field.

The Marketer

Increase advertising & sponsorship revenue

Making your publications and their sites pay for themselves means ensuring you are promoting your information, magazines, papers, products, and services effectively. With Easysite’s Banner Campaigns module you can plan with fine control over how advertising appears across your pages and websites. You can run your campaigns across multiple sites, weight the adverts that appear, restrict adverts to a number of clicks or set up date ranges during which they are displayed. You’ll soon see which produce the best results for you.
Private Health

Interact with readers

Like to create a truly interactive information portal? With a full range of modules that encourage visitor participation, Easysite makes it easy. Interactive polls allow visitors to have their say, rate services and articles. While comments and forms lets them leave detailed commentary. Why not go the extra mile and create your own online community with an online forum? Create a space they want to keep coming back to.

The Actuary

Readers can personalise how they view your content

Give your readers their own customisable homepage, let them drag and drop their news categories into place.  Target advertising and promotions to readers based on their explicit preferences and increase your return on investment.
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