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Poole Borough Council

Poole Borough Council

Creating a splash with Easysite Web CMS.

Borough of Poole are the local authority, responsible for delivering services to a diverse range of people, communities and businesses.

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Their previous web CMS was bespoke and the Council's requirements had changed dramatically. It was no longer capable of fulfilling their complex and growing needs.

Poole compiled a detailed brief and asked a select group of companies to demonstrate their proposed website solutions. This included EIBS and their Web Content Management System Easysite.

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Borough of Poole home page - powered by Easysite Web Content Management System
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Content Management for Local Authority web sites like Borough of Poole Council

Why Easysite?

Easysite has been providing online solutions for local government organisations since 1999. Since then the software has continued to develop and adapt to the changing needs of local authorities. However, EIBS doesn’t just use Easysite to power local authority websites. Easysite has been implemented by a variety of organisations. From hospitals to veterinary practices, aviation specialists through to publishing companies. It was this wide experience in different areas that drew Poole to Easysite. Web Manager Matt Louis explains:

Not only were we impressed with the flexibility of the system, it was really reassuring that it could be used in so many different ways.

Top Tasks.

Borough of Poole were keen to follow the latest guidelines for Better Connected. In the latest Socitm report it is advised that local council websites should ‘no longer aim for the most comprehensive website possible’ and ‘the design of the website should be focused on top tasks’.

Under the new guidelines websites should focus on ‘Ease of finding a task’. From arriving via a search engine, landing on the site and being able to find the right council service. As well as ‘Ease of completing task’ – the step-by-step journey required to complete the task or transaction. 

Easysite empowers Poole to create their web content logically. With Easysite’s built-in search engine Poole have developed an intuitive and easy to follow information hub. The site makes it easy for visitors to find tasks and complete them quickly.

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Top Tasks on Council websites made easy with Easysite Web CMS
Poole Civic Centre

Easysite streamlines internal processes.

Before Easysite Poole estimated that it took their ‘information contributors’ 30 minutes to create a brand new page and get it online. Within just a few weeks of going live, Poole had reduced this down to less than ten minutes. And now? Poole are confident that all new web content will be available for residents within five minutes.

The efficiencies introduced by Easysite has raised the profile of Poole’s website internally. Staff previously uninvolved with the website are seeing how much easier it is and want to contribute. As Matt explains:

As soon as the new site launched everyone was impressed with the way it looked, then gradually word got round how easy the new system was to use too. We’ve had requests from departments, who’d previously never contributed to the site, asking to become information contributors. Thanks to Easysite, different parts of the council are realising new possibilities on how they can contribute and reach local residents.

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