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Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Putting the patient first, with Easysite.

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the organisation which manages Leighton Hospital in Crewe, Victoria Infirmary in Northwich and Elmhurst Intermediate Care Centre in Winsford. The Trust (originally established as an NHS trust in 1991) became a Foundation Trust in 2008.
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Toward the end of 2011 the Trust’s board decided that they should change the online face of the hospital. They wanted the website to reflect their “patient-centric” services, offering visitors a contemporary and professional looking website that’s easy to navigate, contains up-to-date information and promotes all the services they trust offers. It was quickly realised their existing in-house designed website, with its simplistic Open Source Content Management System (CMS) would not be able to support Mid Cheshire’s requirements or future goals
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Mid Cheshire Leighton Treatment Centre
In December 2011 Mid Cheshire went to market and decided on three companies to come in and present their online solution, give a demonstration and take part in a question and answers session; with the web solutions company EIBS coming out on top with their Web CMS, Easysite. The EIBS Project Specialist team and Mid Cheshire met for the first time late January 2012 and just three months later their brand new, Easysite powered website went live.
EIBS have been providing online solutions for NHS and Healthcare organisations for over a decade and with Easysite Web CMS powering 100’s of NHS websites across the UK, EIBS have an expertise Mid Cheshire can rely on. Mid Cheshire were starting from the ground up and commissioned the EIBS Design Team to create their new web design. “The EIBS Design Team were fantastic, they were responsive to our suggestions and always provided the perfect solution.” – Di Nolder. Because the EIBS work exclusively with Easysite they know how to get the best out of an Easysite web design, ensuring a contemporary look, user friendly navigation and a smooth customer journeys. Not only did EIBS manage this, they also project managed the entire build, advising on information architecture, functionality, best practise, accessibility etc.
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Mid Cheshire Maternity Unit
With around 40 non-technical web authors scattered across the county, Easysite enables Mid Cheshire to create pages and update web content easily, whilst retaining central control of publishing to the live site. This is achieved by Easysite’s Workflow system, which automatically sends an email notification to the Communications Manager once an author publishes a page. Prompting them to approve, amend or reject content before it can go live. Easysite also ensures that when Mid Cheshire’s web authors create and publish content it appears on the site in the correct “in house” style and branding. All web authors have to do is select the template that they require and that page will contain all the correct in house style elements for that page (logo/font/colours/layout etc.).
Mid Cheshire use the Easysite Forms module to great effect. Forms lets you create online forms to capture visitor data. Mid Cheshire offers online visitors a greetings card sending service in the form of their “eCards” program. “eCards are a great way to let your friends or relatives know you are thinking about them while they are in hospital. This free service is available for any inpatient currently at Leighton Hospital in Crewe. Once received, your card will be hand delivered to your friend or relative between Monday to Friday (9am-5pm).” Visitors fill in the patients name, ward and then their message online, Easysite then sends the information to the eCards team who print off a greeting card with the personalised message on the inside. Clever thinking brought to life with Easysite Web CMS
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Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust took the bold step to completely rebuild their web presence. They had a vision of their online environment matching their Patient-Centric focus, with easy to find information, up to date content and a professional and welcoming design. With Easysite Mid Cheshire have achieved this and are also innovating with their CMS to benefit their patients with programs like eCards. Along with a new website, Easysite has helped Mid Cheshire’s website team adopt a new internal mind set. Now that members of staff have the power to make updates quickly and easily they are doing so and ensuring the website remains fresh and relevant. In their own words “The future looks exciting”.
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