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Grand Union Housing

Grand Union Housing Group

Easysite - providing online foundations

Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) is the parent company which controls the overall strategy of three distinct subsidiaries. GUHG  aim to provide affordable rented accommodation, as well as helping first time buyers get on  the property ladder through shared ownership schemes

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In 2003 the group created their own hand coded website which they maintained for seven years. During this time the online environment changed dramatically and Grand Union Housing Group found itself with an extremely dated system. Updates were difficult as they were entirely reliant on their solitary HTML expert to update their four individual websites. This bottleneck had to be removed if they wanted to maintain an online presence that reflected their growth. It was decided they needed a dedicated Web CMS.

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Grand Union Housing Group - powered by Easysite Content Management System

Why Easysite?

The key requirements included:

  • It should be easy to update and edit content online.
  • Sites should be customer focused and easy to navigate.
  • Visitors should be able to easily find the information they are after (and their relevant contacts).
  • They should be accessible to all visitors including those with disabilities and/or learning difficulties.
  • It should ensure that brand guidelines were enforced and reflected online.

With these in mind they created a detailed brief and invited several content management system specialists to pitch with EIBS coming out top by fulfilling all these requirements with Easysite .

Easysite lets even our least technically trained staff edit web content...

It was decided that one HTML specialist making updates and managing content requests across the company wasn’t an efficient way of working. Grand Union needed departments to contribute their own content in a controlled way.

At its heart Easysite has a user and group management system. Groups are designated permissions and privileges that define the level control each group has over the website. So, for example, you may grant permission to junior level authors to edit existing content, while more senior authors can be given permission to create and delete whole pages, upload images, install modules etc.

While Easysite’s ‘Workflow’ system lets GUHG ensure that new or updated content is passed through the correct staff for their approval prior to being published on the live site.

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Aragon Housing Association - personalisation with Easysite CMS
Grand Union Housing Group - family

Functionality for today and tomorrow

GUHG are also keen to engage with their visitors more and create a community feel.

Having lived with a restrictive online presence for seven years GUHG has big plans for their new websites. “One of the reasons we chose Easysite was because the flexible modular system meant that we could pick and mix from a plethora of add-ons.” Sam O’Brien – Web Manger

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