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The European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA), represents 45 member organisations. It advocates for the rights and needs of over 1.2 million people living with Parkinson’s disease and their families. An umbrella organisation that represents Parkinson’s organisations throughout Europe, their vision is: “To enable all people with Parkinson’s in Europe to live a full life while supporting the search for a cure.”
The first EPDA website was developed in 1999. They began their online presence with a contemporary three page, hand coded site. Fast forward ten years to 2009 and EPDA’s web presence had grown but remained hand coded, and their once cutting edge website was holding them back from expanding their online presence. It had become slow and difficult to make changes to, and EPDA required multiple users to take control, upload content and make updates; EPDA required a Web content management system (CMS).
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EPDA European Walk 2012
Being an umbrella organisation for a multitude of membership organisations spanning 35 European countries and 28 different Languages, multi-lingual page translations was a key requirement for EPDA.
EPDA’s ambition is for every Parkinson’s disease information page to have ‘page alternates’, -i.e. versions of the EPDA’s web pages created in other languages. It’s an ambitious task, but Easysite makes it a lot simpler. Within the CMS you can generate page alternates that share the same URL as the main page. They can be then activated by either: separate navigation labels, metadata or categories. Page alternates are then shared with regional sites. Any changes made to master pages will automatically be updated on all regional sites. If required, local authors can also add ‘local content’ to their specific page alternate.
Whether your site has three web authors or 3000, Easysite gives you the power to group users into roles, allowing each role the necessary permissions to perform the right tasks in the right areas of the site. This functionality is essential for the EPDA who need globally dispersed authors to create and update content in specific sections of the website, whilst allowing the EPDA to centrally control all activity. With Easysite the EPDA can create an unlimited number of users and user groups. For each group they can then specify authoring and editing privileges, controlling how much or how little they can do. Easysite is fine-tuned granular permissions system even lets them apply user privileges right down to the individual page levels.
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EPDA European Walk Online
The EPDA has been developing their communications strategy to create an online community. “The EPDA websites and social media are two more vital strands of the communications strategy. Chiu Man, head of IT and web development, and his team of editors keep the websites up to date on a daily basis and take part in social media activities such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – all of which enhance the EPDA’s visibility throughout the world.” - EPDA Annual Report With more readily available information (thanks to a recent redesign) EPDA are getting over 10,000 visitors a month and a healthy proportion are returning visitors. EPDA use their Easysite powered website as a central hub, which all their social media flows back to. Updates to the website within Easysite are easily integrated into social media, and vice versa.
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