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Engage Mutual Assurance

Engage Mutual Assurance

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Engage Mutual Assurance are a customer owned financial services company who offer life insurance and saving products, alongside numerous financial support services through affiliated partners.
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As recently as 2009 they ran an in-house website managed by a single Web Developer. It was a fully transactional website through which product applications could be made, but like many bespoke, in-house systems, it required a web developer to make changes to it. As a result updates were rare and its content had become stale; and as pages had been designed and created over a long period of time, branding had become inconsistent throughout the site. Despite this, online enquiries and applications for Engage Mutual’s products were on the rise and they saw the potential for a more dynamic, editable and flexible website.
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Today Engage Mutual Assurance run three Easysite powered websites, and as each site has gone live Engage Mutual have learnt and grown in confidence. The first ‘engagemutual.com’ launched in 2010. The design work was undertaken by an external design agency who supplied the artwork files for EIBS to integrate. For their 2012 launch of ‘engagewithyou.com’ Engage Mutual had both the experience and the resource for the design integration, providing cost savings and more importantly independence.

One of the main bugbears Engage Mutual had with their previous website was the inconsistency with its page designs and lack of fresh content. Easysite powered websites, unless required, will always maintain a consistent design. The page design templates use cascading style sheets (CSS) and are stored separately within the Content Management System. Think of the design as the wrapping and the content as the gift.

Engage Mutual’s web authors can write and publish fresh new content as often as they like. The Easysite Workflow system provides a strict workflow process to ensure new content is signed off, compliant to detailed guidelines and ensures the “tone of voice” remains consistent. It also provides a clear audit trail and version control. And because content authors only ever have control over the content of pages, the design remains the same, ensuring brand consistency across the entire website.
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Engage With You
Browse www.engagewithyou.com and you’ll see it is packed with interactive content and features. To create a community feel and a website that visitors will want to keep coming back to, Engage Mutual utilise a range of Easysite features like Polls (enabling visitors to vote and have their say), blogs, forums, as well as using Easysite’s Digital Asset Manager to store and manage externally hosted video (enabling video streaming from sites like YouTube and Vimeo).

And to ensure this community is available and accessible to all visitors, Engage Mutual’s websites all meet W3C Priority 2 (AA) accessibility requirements. Conforming to the AA guidelines is made simple within Easysite as the content management system outputs valid W3C XHTML mark-up. It has integrated accessibility and readability tools built into the editing toolbar, so accessibility can be tested on a page by page basis.
We asked Engage Mutual what the future holds and their reply? “The future is now”. With Easysite, Engage Mutual have the functionality to reach out to visitors new and returning, to continually develop and improve their websites from their simple transactional origins to interactive, information hubs that provide their online communities with real value. Using Easysite, Engage Mutual have been able to react to trends and customer feedback and ensure that their sites are kept up to date with new and relevant content.
Engage Walking to the Future
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