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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding and Easysite – Better Connected

The East Riding of Yorkshire borders North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire , and East Riding Council are the local government authority that serves the needs of over 338,000 citizens.
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Following an extensive website restructure that commenced in 2010, the council’s web team were rewarded in SOCITM’s Better Connected Report 2012, with the maximum Four Star rating, which ranked them within SOCITM’s much sought after ‘Top 20 Council Websites’. The fact that this was achieved within the space of just 12 months and during times of public sector budget restrictions was all the more impressive.

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My favourite site this year is East Riding. A great deal of work has gone into redesigning this site and it shows. It has a very strong focus on actions and enabling citizens to get tasks done quickly… Throughout the site, I find most things I am looking for very easily and there is useful and detailed information when I get there.” - Better Connected Report 2012

Why Easysite?

Easysite has been powering local government organisations online since 1999 and has continuously evolved during that time, embracing new technologies and adapting to the changing needs of councils and their customers. Following an in-depth live demonstration and detailed discussions, East Riding of Yorkshire chose EIBS to provide the platform for their new website.

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APIs that deliver a personalised experience

East Riding was the first local authority to give each customer a personalised Customer Portal. ‘MyEastriding’, takes advantage of Easysite’s Application Programming Interfaces (API) to integrate the ‘back office’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with their website. This application provides customers with online access and a personalised view of their relationship with the council. MyEastRiding includes their council tax account, email communications with East Riding and even details of their telephone conversations with council customer services teams.

Customer Focus

East Riding also integrated their website with the ESRI Geographical Information System (GIS) and utilise Easysite’s Mapping Services API so that visitors can find, and explore, their local council services with a simple postcode search. Services such as leisure centres, schools, recycling centres, libraries etc. all appear on an interactive map of the Riding, with detailed information under each search result. The information presented online is managed from Easysite, which ensures that they always present the most up-to-date records. Jonathan Hall, ICT Project Officer explains:  “While some organisations will display some online information and then encourage customers to ‘contact us’ via another channel. We want people to be able to find 100% of the information, and that information should have no discrepancies to the information our staff access internally.”
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East Riding’s customer focused approach, willingness to completely re-evaluate their processes, redesign and rebuild their website from the ground up, has catapulted their website into the top tier of council websites in the UK, according to the 2012 Better Connected report.
East Riding didn’t go looking for the accolade, they just wanted to provide a better customer experience, but by bringing ‘Top Tasks’ to the foreground and focusing their online presence the accolade found them. What’s impressive is that it has all been delivered within budget and will continue to provide cost savings. By offering a centralised information hub, visitors will have direct online access to the information they need, freeing up customer facing staff and improving services across the authority.
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