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Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Birmingham Community Healthcare

Managing content for specialist and community health needs.

In November 2010, the Birmingham Community Healthcare became an NHS Trust. Part of the change involved the transfer-in of services from other local NHS organisations, including Heart of Birmingham PCT and Birmingham East and North PCT. These new additions, along with the plethora of existing services that fell under the BCHC umbrella, meant that an online information hub for patients and visitors was required.


Creating engaging websites on time and on budget

At extremely short notice, BCHC needed to create an interactive and easy-to-navigate website that would contain detailed information on all of the health services the Trust now provided. Following the success of their earlier Easysite intranet project, BCHC chose the same industry-leading web content management system to provide the new website. Within just two months their first website was built and had gone live.

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BCHC Homepage
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Why Easysite?

In order to sustain growth, offer their customers the best possible service and keep up with the ever changing online environment, they’d need a more extensive system that could provide more functionality, was simple enough to use so non-technical users could quickly adapt to it, yet be functional enough to meet their often extensive requirements and expectations.

They created a detailed brief and approached a number of companies to come in to see what alternatives were available. EIBS presented their Web CMS Easysite.

Accredited to support installations across N3

N3 is the NHS national broadband network linking hospitals, medical centres and GPs in England and Scotland. EIBS, the web development company behind Easysite Web CMS, is one of the few web content management providers accredited to support NHS clients across N3. So BCHC’s intranet can be edited and maintained with Easysite’s user friendly interface and can still be hosted and supported on N3.
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Extensive Directories of information

When creating their new website, one of the main goals for BCHC was to offer visitors a comprehensive A-Z list of the healthcare services they provide. This was successfully achieved using the Easysite Directories module.  BCHC have detailed information on their entire, extensive range of health services all easily accessible to members of the public.

This is possible because of Directories’ powerful and accurate search facility. Once search parameters are defined, Directories allows you to designate which fields should appear in search summaries, so BCHC directory entries can be referenced against whatever search fields they designate. So all of the Trust’s information is now easily accessible online.

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