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Upload your Assets in the Blink of an Eye

Upload your Assets in the Blink of an Eye

Welcome to the Easysite Asset Manager...

All your media – managed

At the heart of Easysite Seven is the new Digital Asset Management system which stores, manages and maintains any digital media or documents. Images, Videos, Links, Widgets, PDF's… any kind of file can be stored and managed within Easysite.
Just drag and drop your files into the Asset Manager, or directly onto you pages. They are then uploaded into the database where they can be tagged, versioned and edited.

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Product Shot Asset Manager

Images sized to fit

Define any number of preferred image sizes, and Easysite handles all of the conversion for you. You’ll never have to manually create a thumbnail ever again!

PLUS, with all your media stored in a central location, you can see exactly where on your site each asset is being used. Make a change to an asset within the Asset Manager and watch as every page it’s on is instantly updated.